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Beautycounter – Karyn Callari

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As most of you know, I’m always pleased to refer people and their products and/or services when I have a stellar experience that is friendly, educational, and positive. Karyn Callari is one of those delightfully friendly souls that is a breath of fresh air, unpretentious, and truly interested to help people understand the importance of using products free of harmful chemicals.

I have the privilege to test the skincare line and am impressed with how long the products last, making it a truly cost effective line. Even the sample kit itself was much more impressive than most samples of other skincare lines. The kit included mini-sized tube versions of each product (about the size of a slender pinky finger) with little screw-on caps. The kit lasted a little over a week, and I used a pea-sized amount of each product (although the eye cream requires only half that), and that included usage twice daily. My skin feels clean and soft and there were no sensitivities whatsoever.

I feel confident I could recommend this for those who have sensitivities as well as those who are looking for alternatives to brands that are not regulated by the government. Unfortunately, because there is no regulation in the skin care industry in the USA, companies are still able to use harmful ingredients and chemicals in many products we use everyday. This is where Beautycounter is different as they ban over 1500 chemicals and will NEVER use them in their products!

If you are interested to freely sample the skincare line with no obligation, visit Karyn’s website. Her mission is to spread Beautycounters mission of providing the public access to safer products.