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Who We Are: We are groups of like-minded, talented local business professionals with a common goal and direction. The Referrals Group isn’t a one size fits all program. Our goal is to attract and retain talented local business professionals and allow them to grow their network, business and support systems together.

Our Vision: The Referrals Group’s Vision is to be the most Dynamic, Effective, and Efficient business networking organization of our generation. We are Dynamic in that we encourage and embrace change, progress, and new ideas. We are Effective in that we continually strive to provide successful solutions to produce desired result. We are Efficient in that we promote achieving results with minimal wasted expense and effort.

Our Mission: To merge old fashioned business, personal interaction, and new school technology to transform and create a new reputation for referral network marketing.

History & Leadership: The Referrals Group opened its doors in January 2014 in Lexington, KY with the goal of improving the reputation of referral network marketing and to provide an organized way to confidently provide legitimate referrals that produce positive results.

In May 2017, Bart Giles, CEO and Founder, appointed Ginger Terrell as the Regional Director to help expand the organization into the Southeast. This organization is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. Rather, the model has structure but not too much structure as each individual group determines what works best for them. The organization decided to expand into the Southeast to offer additional services for busy, successful professionals who are either unable to be a part of other networking groups due to classification lockouts and/or cannot attend weekly meetings on a regular basis.

Bart holds a B.S. with the University of Kentucky, and Ginger holds an M.B.A. with Liberty University. Their combined experience spans nearly 4 decades of business development and consulting, management, and relationship building with nearly 20 of those years specifically focused on the referral marketing industry. Both are connectors, customer-centric, and lead with compassion, honesty, and integrity.

Both are looking for busy, highly-skilled professionals who are interested to create small, strong support systems they can confidently and consistently refer clients to and gain help with business challenges.

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